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Plato Education Foundation is devoted to supporting Plato Academy Schools’ commitment to delivering an outstanding educational journey that empowers students and equips them for a promising future. Become part of this effort by making a donation that will directly make a positive impact into the lives of our students and contribute to their academic success.

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plato school students
plato school students

Current Campaign

Greek Family Night

Greek Night 2023 - November 4, 2023 at 7pm at Christopoulos Hall, Clearwater, FL



The mission of Plato Academy Charter Schools is to assist students in achieving their full potential by requiring and nurturing high academic and behavioral standards in a safe, supporting, challenging, and enthusiastic environment, providing a well-rounded K-8 education fortified by a study of the Greek language and culture, and fostered by a commitment and cooperative effort among the school, students, parents, and community: our family.



The vision of Plato Academy Charter Schools is to progress as a family in which all are teachers and learners and are empowered and encouraged to exceed expectations, resulting in successful graduates ready to advance into their next stage of life, equipped with a well-rounded K-8 education fortified by the study of the Greek language and culture, and excited about continuing to achieve their full potential.

How Your Support Makes a Difference for Every Student:

Empowering Students

Your donation to Plato Academy directly supports our students’ educational journey. It helps fund innovative programs, state-of-the-art resources, and extracurricular activities that enhance their learning experience and foster their overall development.

Plato Academy Students
Plato Academy Classroom

Enhancing Learning Environments

Your generosity allows us to create dynamic and engaging learning environments by providing the latest technology, learning materials, and classroom resources. By donating, you contribute to an atmosphere that inspires curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity.

Supporting Educators

Plato Academy believes in investing in our dedicated educators. Your donation enables us to provide professional development opportunities, resources, and tools that empower our teachers to deliver high-quality instruction and continuously improve their instructional practices.


Enriching the Curriculum

We strive to offer a comprehensive and well-rounded curriculum that prepares students for success in a global society. Your donation helps us enhance our curriculum by supporting programs in arts, music, athletics, and other enriching experiences that nurture students’ talents and interests.

Corporate Sponsorships

If you represent a business or organization passionate about education, explore our corporate sponsorship opportunities. Partner with Plato Academy to make a significant impact on the educational journey of our students.

Volunteer Opportunities

Your time and expertise are valuable to us. Consider volunteering at Plato Academy and make a difference by engaging with students, assisting in classrooms, or supporting school events. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator to learn more.


How to Donate?

Thank you for considering a donation to Plato Academy. Together, we can empower students, foster their love for learning, and shape a brighter future.

Every donation, regardless of the amount, helps us provide an outstanding educational experience for our students. Your support ensures that Plato Academy continues to thrive as a center of excellence in education.


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We would love to talk with you, on how we can better support the mission of Plato Academy Schools.

Contact person: Michael Alexandrou

Phone number: 727 205 6360 x2295

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